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Reader Reviews - Hyde's Corner Trilogy - Book I - No Man's Land

D J Swykert -  Novelist and Author of Alpha Wolves, Maggie Harrington, Children of the Enemy, Death of Anyone and Pool Boy's Beatitude - Covington, KY.

I knew after reading the first page of Book I – No Man’s Land it was something special. This is the kind of story where the characters stick with you long after you've finished turning the pages. The plot sucks you in like light falling into a black hole. Selmer Burks is the kind of character you love to hate and hate to love. He is as compelling as he is frightening. The first installment of The Hyde's Corner Trilogy left me anxious to read the next one.


D.E. Mosher- Novelist and Author of Muffin Mountain Motel Man, Burning Obsession, Oh, What a Week it Was, Papa's Promise, Farewell to Innocence, Short Stuff, and Duff and Stuff - Mission Viejo, CA

J B Bergstad’s writing is more than descriptive in its creation. His phrasing makes you feel the chill of a new October morning in No Man’s Land. You can almost see the sweat pop out on the foreheads of Burks’ antagonists as they face him and contemplate their last devious actions. Bergstad pulls you into the story a bit at a time, leaving you to anticipate what will happen next. Once Beaman starts reading the journal you'll be hooked. The story’s compelling, the characters strong. The writing is brilliant and the price is right. Do yourself a favor – start reading this one NOW.


Editor’s Desk - Self-Publishing Review

Bergstad does a good job of creating his main characters, Selmer Burks and his father, Silas Burks. It is not hard to see how Selmer became the hard man he is and why he takes the actions he takes. The book is very nicely written and well paced. I was never for a minute bored, yet the pace was not as breathless as in so many books these days. Bergstad is a confident author who takes the time he needs to tell his story. He is good at both characterization and at describing action, including one of the most painfully clinical fight scenes I've ever read. But, Bergstad's skills aren't limited to those required by the genre. He has a subtle command of language. He uses nice touches to both paint the scene and develop tension.  But be warned: This book ends with what may be the most compelling cliffhanger ever written.


Curtis - A rare reader of genre fiction

I'm not an author nor am I an avid reader of fiction. With that said I can't wait for Book II of The Hyde's Corner Trilogy. JB Bergstad tells a story in such a way you become an active observer of a story taking place and not simply reading a book. The descriptive detail and authentic historical context is the way JB Bergstad pulls this off, delivering you into Sundowner County. By the third chapter I found myself wanting to read just one more whenever time allowed. I should also mention my wife asked me to "dim the screen" when that "one more chapter" was being read late at night in bed.


Sue Erikson - Smashwords Reviewer and avid reader

WOW, What else can I say!! What a fantastic read, I could not put this book down. My dear Mr. Bergstad, you have a great gift. That is one of the best books I have read in quite some time. The characters were so believable and the detail of everything was incredible. I am a reader not a writer, I find it so hard to put my thoughts on paper. What a great read, I am going to start the next book right now!!! Thank you!!!

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