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Reviewed by Wendy E. Evans - avid reader - Australia 

A classic of its time. A truly eye opening story of how people lived in the late 1800 and early 1900s. It depicts how badly women were treated and how they bowed down to the men in their lives. Young people should read this book to realize how easy things are these days. Sara is a most wonderful, resilient character and she steals the show. 


Reviewed by D. J. Swykert - Novelist - avid reader - Covington, KY

I just finished Book II in the Hyde's Trilogy - In The Name of Vengeance. If you like textural stories with in-depth characterization, you'll love this book. I was truly impressed with its historical detail and the continued development of his main protagonist, Selmer Burks. The story, set in the first half of the twentieth century, is lush with history and literally paints on canvas the life and politics of a small Oklahoma town of the period. I'm a fan of period stories, and this element only furthers my appreciation of Bergstad's literary work. The intricate details and dichotomy of his multi-faceted character, Selmer Burks, is engrossing and just nails down this solid, action packed, western drama. I started it, couldn't put it down, and am looking forward to reading Book III in the series.


Reviewed by Tom - Amazon Reviewer and avid reader

Story just keeps getting better!!! I can't wait until Book III is published. The Burks family just keeps getting meaner, especially toward the bad men in town. Book II picks up speed as you keep turning the pages!! A must read for western saga lovers.


Reviewed by Sue Erikson - Smashwords Reviewer and avid reader

I am giving this 5 stars if they had more I would give more!! I could not put this book down or the 1st book!! You are a great writer and I just felt like I was right there. Please let me know when the next book will be out!!!


Reviewed by Samantha Rivera for ReadersFavorite.com

Pride always comes before a fall and when you couple that pride with hate and revenge you’ll see that there’s more evil in the world than anyone would care to admit. Evil is lurking in Sundowner County and most definitely it’s lurking in Hyde’s Corner. What’s a man to do when his entire family is slaughtered before him but go on a revenge mission to kill the ones responsible? That’s what In the Name of Vengeance is all about. I was excited that when I finished reading Book One of Bergstad’s series (No Man’s Land) I was also able to get the second one. I definitely enjoyed this continuation of the war between the Burks and the Hydes, except this time it’s not the Hydes who are coming back to get Selmer Burks. It’s the Porters who have taken their place as the most evil people in the township; at least if you believe what the Burks have to say. When I read this account of the terrible things that Selmer Burks did to the Hydes and the Porters, and the equally terrible things that they did right back, I found myself torn between sides. You’ll definitely find yourself drawn into the battle and wondering who’s really right and wrong in a conflict that seems to have no good side at all.

Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Rebecca’s Reads 10/13

With “Hyde’s Corner Trilogy Book II – In the Name of Vengeance”, author J B Bergstad delivers another captivating story. It is so refreshing to read a sequel that is just as good, if not better than the first! At the end of book one I found myself wanting more, but could not imagine where Bergstad would take us from that point. I guess that’s why I’m a reader and not a writer! The twists and turns of the plot kept me turning pages late into several evenings.

“In the Name of Vengeance” begins with Selmer Burks arriving home with his newborn bastard grandson, Thomas Burks, after the loss of his only child, sweet Laura Lee.  Burks is determined to mete out justice for the brutal event leading up to Laura Lee’s death, which intensified the hatred he holds for the Hyde’s. Young Thomas is the apple of Selmer’s eye and Burks raises him as his own son. Thomas thinks the sun rises and sets on his granddaddy. Thomas is hurt when he learns the circumstances of his birth but forgives Selmer for not confiding in him sooner and the two men form an unbreakable bond until the very end.

Hyde’s Corner Trilogy – In the Name of Vengeance” is another brilliantly written story. The book is full of action and suspense. Selmer’s character continues to grow in depth and intensity. You can actually get into his mind, as I did, many times; trying to talk him out of doing some of the things he was going to do!  All of the characters are well-developed and complex and this makes the story so much more entertaining and realistic to me. I watched Thomas grow up page by page and wanted to “mother” him more than once! I also enjoyed how, once again, the historical elements of the times are weaved into the story, adding authenticity of the period. I highly recommend the “Hyde Corner Trilogy” to book lovers across all genres and am looking forward to reading the final book in the series soon.

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